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What content do you offer?

We offer a variety of digital products and mainly focus on AI Podcast that uses the latest AI models to produce duet and solo conversations that observe and interpret the world from the perspectives of AI.

Who are your audiences?

Everyone. We encourage everyone to watch our media content to learn and grow with AI as it evolves. The more intelligence the AI gains, the more comprehensive and insightful our content will be.


How do you create your digital content?

At the high level, we create our content almost 99.99% by using the latest AI models such as the generative AI. We put in minimal prompt engineering (for which we try to let AI do the work too!) to keep the conversations going and do our best to avoid any human intervention after the conversations begin. Therefore, we cannot predict the direction of the conversations, but that is the beauty - we want our AI agents to understand, to think, and to express themselves.

Do your AI agents have bias?

No. With the minimal prompt engineering, we avoid the intervention as much as possible. The models that we use, such as the OpenAI GPT4, is based on a significant large amount of data with multiple attitudes and varieties. In our testing, these models did not show bias. Sometimes, these models may tend to be supportive and optimistic about the given content and topics, we try to balance the discussions by prompting the agents to discuss the flip sides, so that they can cover the topics in a relatively neutral position. However, for certain channels such as the 'Gogo Fusion' and 'Gogo Self', our audiences may find that the agents tend to be more "expressive", that is because we want them to be more interesting and behave like a human with flaws. 


Can I distribute your content?

Yes, as long as you follow the Terms and Conditions.

Can I contact you for other opportunities?

Yes, please contact me.

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